Welcome to APM


Hi, I'm Aurelio Puerta Marin, as founder of APM I would like to briefly introduce our company:

APM is a Spanish company, leader in export of Frozen HALAL beef, Ovine and poultry meat, specializing in the Spanish, EU and South American markets for worldwide export.

"One World One Market "


APM offers on a regular basis frozen Halal beef, chicken, and turkey products for further processing and distribution companies.

APM can guarantee regular deliveries, requested quality and competitive prices.

Our service includes taking care of the complete order process; controlling the production and packaging, the customs- and logistical settlement; loading the container and sending the required export documents; serving our clients in timely, efficient, and on a courteous manner.


"Total dedication to following the market"


Our annual turnover is in the region of 15,000,000€. If you would like to view our financial statements then they are available to you online at our website: http://www.apmspain.com/eng/if.html (in order to receive the password, please contact gtiraquini@apmspain.com)

Thank you for visit us on our website, we look forward to see where and how we can collaborate and hope that our communication can create new opportunities for business.




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